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About Me

I have wanted to be an Orthopedic Surgeon since the age of 12. I was an avid sportsman as a child, and I have always been fascinated with anything related to the musculoskeletal system, having experienced several orthopedic injuries and surgeries myself. As an orthopedic surgeon, I knew I would be able to pursue these interests while also improving people’s quality of life in a meaningful way. My interest in spinal surgery grew out of my attraction to the challenge of providing complex care in a specialty that has undergone significant innovation and change over the last 20 years, and that will continue to do so over the next 20 years.

As a SpinalSurgeon, I treat adults and children at Melbourne Orthopaedic Group in Melbourne, Australia, and at NYU Langone Health in New York City, USA. I specialize in spinal deformity correction, complex revision spinal surgery, and minimally invasive procedures including disc replacement.

The field of spine surgery is constantly changing.I always strive to use the latest innovations, techniques, and technology, while actively participating in clinical research to study and confirm their safety and efficacy. My goal is to provide successful, personalizedcare to all of my patients with the most effective and least invasive options available.